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Watch this video from "Time Traveler Reveals Map of the US After Major Catastrohes (2020-2025)" What happens is the land west of the mountain range on the west coast of America drops into the Pacific Ocean causing all oceans and rivers to rise around the world. There will be a giant tsnami go across the Pacific Ocean clearing all the islands across the Pacific Ocean of inhabitants. There will be a surge of water up the Atlantic Ocean too.

This event will happen as a vast collection of aliens are here to witness the event. Hopefully there will be earthquakes as a signal of the coming event and I recommend everyone in a risk position to head for the hills with your camping equipment to wait out the event. links to companies where jobs are listed on their site across Canada, the United States and a few in the UK.

With the use of business directories, a great many companies are tracked down and checked on a regular basis to see if jobs are available.

Please note that companies only advertise positions that are difficult to place. Positions that would bring a large volume of resumes are only placed on their site and those that find the site can apply.

Have your resume and cover letter ready to email directly to your next employer.

This service is from our family to yours.

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